Caritas Ghana in Partnership with Ghana Oil and Gas for Inclusive Growth (GOGIG) Facilitated a National Dialogue for Leaders of Faith-Based Organizations on the Management of Ghana’s Petroleum Revenue.

The purpose of the event was to consult, engage and inform the participants on how the Government of Ghana managed its petroleum revenues in 2016, and other relevant national issues emanating from PIAC’s 2016 report. The public as a major stakeholder plays a pivotal role in the fulfilment of PIAC’s mandates hence the need for this engagement, to improve collaboration with PIAC in carrying out its activities. This activity recognized the outreach potential of Faith Groups and seeks to build their capacity to promote policy education and good governance
To achieve this, the following objectives were identified:

• To provide a platform for the Faith Groups to debate on the management of petroleum revenues in Ghana;
• To understand the expectations of the Groups and the citizenry in general with regards to the management of petroleum revenues;
• To explore collaborative options between PIAC and its constituents (specifically Faith Groups)
• To seek measures that will improve the responsiveness to and accessibility of PIAC reports;
• To seek measures that will help improve PIAC’s reporting and engagements with citizens of Ghana; and
• To build the capacity of Faith Groups to use their outreach potential to demand better governance and further educate their constituents

Public Interest and Accountability Committee

Caritas Ghana and GOGIG inter Faith-Based Organizations’ dialogue on Management of Petroleum Revenue

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